Generating Memes Like A Boss

I’m all proud of myself for generating memes…they’re not THE most original but I am especially proud of the Arnold one

(except when you have two right triangles but then we’re gonna call it Hypotenuse-Leg so we’re still not ever gonna use SSA and definitely not ASS!)

I realize the Dos Equis guy may not technically be appropriate for use with high schoolers, but I just love memes with this guy…


And the “success kid” is another personal favorite of mine


I did these using and I did it in about 5 minutes because my 3 year old was begging for the iPad. As you might be able to tell, I’m currently teaching my geometry kids some basics about proving two triangles congruent. We’re not doing actual proofs yet (hey, it’s only the 6th day of school) but I’m getting them slowly used to the idea. We had some great debates in class today about Side-Side-Angle. I love teasing the 9th graders when they innocently suggest that Angle-Side-Side might be a congruent triangle postulate. WHAT??? You want me to write ASS on the board???

I was just inspired for one more:


Do you have any good math teacher memes to share? Or ideas for using memes to add some humor to your classroom?


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